Friday, April 1, 2011

'Good Earth' Design

Moss has a very chic element in design.  Today we see moss holding hands with the vintage beat, and lending good 'Feng Shui' to modern and comtemporary spaces.  So many top merchandisers have been using moss to accent and showcase their products.  It's "muy rrrich" and exciting! 

We are going to create a center piece for our Easter table.

We like assorted sized cans...but, matching cans could be stunning as well.  We used packing peanuts as a filler.

Moss doesn't have a deep root system, it kind of grows on top of the ground and so there's not much in digging it up.

If you have moss growing in your back yard, it's like striking GOLD!

It grows in the shadows of the trees where it's cool and damp.  Moss is not slimy like algae, it's somewhere between dirt and grass.

We moulded the moss into the cans to create smooth clean edges.  

You can bring it inside and it doesn't need alot of light or water.  All you really need to do is throw a few ice cubes on it.  It will last for weeks on display.

I liked the white brocade motif of these paintable wallpaper samples I ordered online.  The white allows the moss to be the focal point but also acts like the man in couple figure skating, he's there to make her look beautiful...

You can poke things in it, lay things on top of it, or just leave it as a optic tactile feast.

"The earth is a good earth, the elements are good if we will use them for our own benefit, in truth and righteousness."  (DBY 302)

BTW background music while posting... 'Inspiration Information' by Shuggie Ottis



  1. Eli has used moss in so many ways. I think I'll let him head up an arrangement of these. Better start saving cans.

  2. Is there anything else that can be put in the cans, that would stay through the Fall and Winter months. This is a clever idea, even for adults.