Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Under 30"

We have been making these partitions (aka stage flats) for years. I learned how to do this in high school when I was in theater. It's so simple. Supplies you will need...3-1x3x8's, 4-triangle wood pieces ( we used some particle board we had laying around), fabric ( I got this piece at ikea) a drill, some screws, and a staple gun.

 Cut one of your long boards in half and then secure corners by drilling screws through the triangle corner pieces.

Lay your fabric face down and center your frame on the fabric. 

You can size your fabric up if your flat is going to be narrow or if you have alot of excess on the sides. 


Now it time to stretch the fabric onto your frame.  Start by putting 3 staples in the middle of one side, cross over to the other side and put three staples in, then pull the fabric and work out from the middle down to the bottom of your flat then do the same on the other side. 

 Now that you have 2 sides done do the same on the top and the bottom starting again with 3 staples on top and 3 staples on the bottom. By doing this you are able to keep the fabric from shifting and centered. This project takes about 30 minutes to make (thats if you have a good staple gun, if not... double, triple or quadruple your time) and is less than $30 to make.

We created a partition in our basement that sectioned off a storage area using inexpensive walmart shelves, that serves as storage on the one side. Then installed the flats on the back side of the shelves facing the living area.

We actually made 7 flats to divide the space with an opening for access. I am happy we were able to create a wall using the shelves we already had without the big mess and expense of constructing and framing and drywalling and finishing. Plus I have all the storage on the other side. Its been a fast, easy, dramatic effect.  I like it!



  1. Wow, basement looks great! I like your wall and the floor too:0