Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vanity Kins

Hello....! It's been so long. But hopefully worth the wait on this one after all it has been brewing for a year now and like Frankenstein has been brought to life. Don'tcha wanna watch that movie with your kids for Halloween. OMG! It's soooo... sad and strange.

Well without further's what I made this week and I've got to tell you I had everyone looking and entertained by the strangeness of these beautiful models and handsome men stitched up into my 'Vanity Kins'. Ok... so you CAN do this with your children. is always helpful for us as parents to give them a vision. Otherwise the whole project washes down the drain. Sounds simple, and it is, but there is some manipulating and some coordinating, and some juxtaposition to be had. So why not use this little magazine/cut-out/arrangement/decoupage project to teach some basic cohesiveness, or not cohesive skills? See... cause the eyes could eat up all the room and leave nothing left for the nose, if you want one, or a mouth.

For me to get the inspirational juices flowing I have to have a stage or space or wall. Otherwise I just kinda feel's the space I chose, it's in my foyer. Well there is a straggler bat there in the picture. We ended up with a over the head hovering branch and about 40 upside down bats.'s.....'VANITY KINS'!

A collection of vintage jewelry that I sell in my etsy shop is displayed here to punctuate the vain.

Last little tid bit, see if you can find Obama's nose, and eyes. Ooooo....