Thursday, April 19, 2012

Passion Ignites!

How does one know when passion becomes the driving force in our lives and specifically when and what ignites it...?  I was having another throw back while looking at my more than amazing and talented architectural design sister Sherry E's blog post on wall stickers. Go see she will tutor you on all the do's and don't! Here are just a few of the images that she posted!  I KNOW!


red paint spiral wall mural by


So back to the original question...what ignites passion? For my sister and I and now my daughter Dawnelle and Sherry's daughter Kirstin we all have this passion for DESIGN!!! Gosh I loved seeing Kirstin's face the first time she came to my house...she was just a little could see her taking it all in through her eyes...what a happy memory for me.  I remember being EXTREMELY conscious of my surroundings because it was very different than what Kirstin grew up with 'clean lines' and on the cutting edge of the design world as she unconsciously became immersed in this fascinating industry at her mothers side. I knew this little one had a keen eye even at a young age.  But she just seemed to enjoy everything around her.

So about these wall sister and I came up with our own version of this... ohhh...when we were 7 or 8. I'll never forget it... we got these new bed spreads that had a bright American blue background with various sized hearts patterned all over it.  We decided to replicate the motif in these spreads out of red construction paper and proceeded to tape red hearts all over the walls in our room.  We were so proud of ourselves and it must have been there in that small room with a mother that said 'oh what the heck' that passion had least for me!

So today I'm smiling, and thinking as I look at my 7 and 9 year old and even my 15 year old what will ignite their passions and be their driving force all their lives. And hopefully I won't get in the way but say as my mom said 'oh what the heck'!

Sherry was a great inspiration to was when we went to Sherry's graduation that Dawnelle decided she was going into design. So this is dedicated to Sherry my beloved sister.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nailing the Boho Style...

 . . .
Bohemian-a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices.   ;-)

synonyms-Bohemian avant-gardeboss*, contemporary,coolcool*, deepdeep*, excellentfabulous,fantastic, groovygroovy*, hip*, hippie, mod,modernmodernistic, neatniftyoffbeat, out inleft field, out of this world, rad, rad, radical,sensationalstrangesuperswelltrendy,ultamodern, unconventionalunorthodoxveryunconventional, way-out, weirdwildwonderful

#elizabethtaylor #liztaylor #bohochic #bohemian 
 Where did the bohemian style start?  ;-) ;-)

You can see Bohemia there right near Germany.  That's where my husbands people come from. No wonder it's creeped into our style...Could it have all started right near our beloved ancestors?

Here's this amazing city of 'Bohemia' near Prague. After looking closely "I'VE GOT TO GO!" Everything from antiques to style and design, architecture, history...ahhhh...really, I do want this to be my next trip!
Bohemia Mansion and Slovakia Bohemia Castle...come on let's go pack our bags NOW! ;-) ;-)


“Flower of the Orient” by Rolf Armstrong 1931
The Art Nouveau era seemed to validate this ever evolving 'Bohemain' aka 'Boho' style.

So... for me it's kind of like a spice...Cayenne Pepper... some like it in small doses... and others can't get enough. Therefore, I warn you in large doses it can be VERY HOT! I'm probably in the mild-medium range.  With that said...does it mean I understand it? ;-)

Let me start with the 'Boho' girl...
boho    ;-) ;-)
how to wear a bandana by asuyeta by Steven Meisel US Vogue Living,1,vogue-living-spring.-caroline-trentini....html
Her style is a little messy but gorgeous. The kind like 'I just rolled out of bed...AND...I'm still beautiful...!' ;-) ;-)

The Boho girl has a clear confidence.
These beautiful dresses were shown at the D&G spring RTW 2012 gypsy fashion show in New York.

Her handbag is very important. It has to be handmade. has to be able to tell it's OWN story.  It says... 'This is the bag that I got somewhere on the globe and has been with me in all my travels'. ;-)  Every part and piece of her has a story...hence, she is always fascinating us.

gypsy jewelry  ;-) ;-)
She loves wearing multiple rings, bracelets and anklets...again handmade out of string, leather, beads, metals...  
 .   .                                                         Here are some creations my daughter Dawnelle and I made...they fall right into the 'Boho' lane. We call them Tressy Wrap Bracelets and Tressy Bracelets.

feathers. feathers, feathers, feathers.  I love feathers                 
Feathers are a BIG part of this distinct look...  ;-) ;-) ;-)

.   hippie hippie shake                                            
and so are scarves all year round for both men and women... ;-) ;-) 

'Boho' can make anything beautiful...;-)

Colors, patterns, textures all excite the Bohemian.
Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona white on white interior design bedroom ;-) ;-)
scarves as drapes and dividers beautiful colorful chandelier  ;-) ;-)
vibrance Boho wanderlust journals
;-) ;-) ;-)
. Handpicked by Stevie Dance sleek
;-) ;-) ;-)
#bohemian #Hermes wall, color, texture  ;-)  ;-)
Pillows are a staple in Bohemian decor...notice the sofa above... the pillows are arranged as if she just got fact the couch is still warm from her being there.

minakani walls - carpathes

anthropologie, always. love the chalkboard wall and bedspread ;-) ;-)
Anthropologie always resonates 'Boho'. Now we know why we are so drawn in...

I like boho today... it's better, fresher.
 vintage ;-)
We are the music makers,
   And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
   And sitting by desolate streams; 
World-losers and world-forsakers,
   On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
   Of the world for ever, it seems.;-)

Dedicated to my beloved 'boho' daughter Dawnelle.

Check out Vicki Stecher on pinterest to see all my 'mild- med' bohemian images.

For the "HOT" and I mean "HOT" check out freshgypsythatbohemiangirl.tumblr

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So for many of you who are on Pinterest you probably noticed my OBSESSION! Let me explain... First this artist from the South of Wales crochets these sea urchin creations.  What fascinated me the most is the colors and textures juxtaposition the sand and wood pilings. Then I had a major throw back when last night with my family everyone was talking about their oldest memory. Mine was before I was three walking on the beach in Hawaii with my mom and dad...remembering the sand under my feet and the water lapping up as the sea weed wrapped around my little ankles. Then my mind began to think of the summers in California...

This amazing artist used a kind of analogous color scheme (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel).

Here's what came of my obsession ...

Freeform Lace Graffiti-inspirationMY INSPIRATION                                               

Sherwin Williams--Parakeet  This just may be the green I have been picturing in my head! {paint} sherwin williams, reflecting pool .
Sherwin Williams--Parakeet & Reflecting Pool

Like the windows and floor.Vintage Wedding Palates: Grey/Silver & Sage (this would be perfect with a touch of blue or lavendar)
;-) ;-)
beach house dream Free Gift --> Great idea for a beach home.
;-) ;-)

Mary Cassat. American impressionist painter. Superb!
Mary Cassat 'The Boating Party'

Everyone, I just got some amazing brand name purses,shoes,jewellery and a nice dress from here for CHEAP! If you buy, enter code:Pinterest to save -   grey and green?? I have these windows Mint, Citron and Aqua
;-) ;-) ;-)

color popping off the windows/door Eames Sea Foam Green Arm Shells - 60's
;-)  ;-)

Small Solar Powered Beach House

Spots & Stripes beach house kitchen makeover beach house
Kitchen & Dinning Area                                     Living Room

 beach house 10 old Genuine AQUA Blue Beach Sea Glass SEAGLASS Turquoise surf tumbled
;-) ;-)

 Sea of surf boards .
;-) ;-)

WOW! Ive been using this new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! I lost like 26 pounds,Check out the image to see the website, Perfect for beach wedding! engagement photo idea since he proposed on the beach
;-) ;-)

gorgeous aqua bike .
;-) ;-)

    surfing. davidgilles Hanging Loose over some coral reef #surfing
;-) ;-)

 Driftwood Sailboat Napkin Holder a glam beach house bathroom...just what i want
;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)
    Just the right touch of vintage, and aqua  .

Can you think of your oldest memory...?  It was once said...

Memory is the cabinet of imagination, the treasury of reason, the registry of conscience and the council-chamber of thought. Giambattista Basile ;-)

Vicki Stecher on Pinterest aloha aqua board to see lots more images.