Monday, April 25, 2011


Well I am obsessed with feathers currently. I have always actually liked feathers so really this is nothing new. I have quite a few pairs of feather earrings. Free People recently started selling a line of earrings from Serafina (a tiny company that makes handmade jewelry) my sisters and I picked up at a FAME show last August. I was excited to see Free People selling them! They really are marvelous!

I am a little in love with feather hair extension clips right now. I mean look at this... you can't tell me there isn't a little part of you that thinks this is kind of cool??

White Calla Lily

Anyway, I have discovered that there are many different kinds of feather hair clips.

There are actual hair extensions that get put in using a crimping bead. They stay in for 2-4 weeks and can be washed, dried, brushed, blow dried, and curled like your actual hair. This takes a certain level of commitment though that I am not sure I'm ready for.

Extension Clip
Then there are those that are just clipped in. This is definitely not very much commitment at all, which I like much better because I can choose to look like a hippie or not each day.

Single Earring
There are also however single feather earrings. They have a similar look to the feather clips except they are earrings, which is an interesting concept.

I have also discovered that there are different quality feathers as well as colors. Personally I like the natural colors (no brightly dyed feathers). As for quality, I'm partial to the thicker feathers which typically come with a higher price tag. If you're looking on Etsy, which is one of my favorite places to shop, I have found that generally the better quality pictures bring better quality items (just a little tip I've discovered!)

Well, I am definitely going to buy one but I haven't decided if I feel better about the hair clip or single earring. I do know though the extension is way too much commitment for me personally.



  1. mmmm. I'm afraid I'm just not that hip.

  2. I am all about these feather extensions! One of my roommates has one and I think that I want to get one! After my wedding.... Also, every time I wear my Serefina feather earrings I get more than one complement on them, Love them!!

  3. Hannah? You are getting married?

    Amy Buchanan
    From Curves Deptford