Monday, February 25, 2013

Piece of Peace

Things don't always stay the fact things are constantly changing around us. Many things feel like they are in our control, but, so many things are really out of our control. Especially, when we have children. As parents we want to 'get' our child's disposition and then quickly determine the best way to nurture their strengths and help them overcome weaknesses.

My first grandchild...we celebrated his second birthday Friday night.

I found myself with one of my children this past week having a discussion about how happy they were from a certain accomplishment they had done, but in the same breath this child was sad because it was the only thing that they felt they had finished and accomplished and done well with. Then, this child gave an enormous amount of credit to their father, and said that "if it weren't for dad...I would not have gotten that done".

My heart went out to this child, and I was sad because I also saw that much time and opportunity had been lost. There was also a sense a gratitude that this child recognized what had happened, and I was glad for that new found understanding which comes from experience.

This conversation has lingered with me. I'm not going lie, I wished it could have been different too. I wished that this child had seized every opportunity for education, growth, work, and prosperity, along with family, and friendships...but the time has past and what lies ahead is all any of us really have.

Over the next several days something happened as my heart began to yearn, and sorrow for this child of mine...a thought came to me of the parable of the talents in the New Testament taught by the Savior. He talks about how "some are given five talents, another two and to another one, according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey".

Then He says "the one with the five talents took his five and traded it and made five more, and the one with two had gained two more. But he that had received one dug in the earth and hid his..."

The way the parable went in my mind was this...some are given five and do nothing with it, and some are given two and will do nothing with it, and then there is the person, who because they have learned by experience that they may only have one talent because of choices or circumstances, take that one talent and increase it one hundred fold! Is that possible? Does it really happen? Do people really learn and turn their lives around? Can you think of anyone who went from one talent to five, ten, twenty, or even a hundred? I can. Can you bury five talents as well as one?

Somehow there was a peace that whispered in my heart, deep, and penetrating...lasting and indelible. From that arose hope and wonder...

Peace comes from God. It is a gift. He gives it to us without us even asking. Is it constant, no, is it fleeting, yes, do we worry and doubt, probably? But when God speaks peace to us it is truly something to hold onto, in fact take it to the bank! It's nice that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and wants us to live our lives abundantly in every way...just like I want the same for my children, and grandchildren. He wants the same for us. The difference...he has the power to change us, inspire us, grow us, show us...

What we value comes from what we feel, see, hear, taste, and smell...if we never feel peace how can we value it? I believe we can ask for peace, but I also believe God gives it to us even when we don't know how to ask for it...because he loves us...

I can't say my life is filled with peace...but I will gladly embrace the piece of peace I've been given.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Money Can't Buy Love...

Money can't buy love...but it sure can buy a lot of flowers! Some things we just need to remember. I'm not sure why this Valentines became so unique and special. My husband and I have been married for almost 27 years this June. And we have had seven children during the course of those years. Many of you that have breathed the breath of life long enough... know that life really can be no picnic! In fact it's more like 'Ants at a Picnic'! So I have to say that we, meaning my husband (aka 'love of my life') have been experiencing some dull valleys. You know... expectations not being met...things not working out the way we thought they would when we got married...children...grandchildren...children getting married...leaky roof...bad loss...wrinkles...longing for change and dreams that may never come true...Well, things happen that cause you to learn, and you give it your best shot and say 'dang'! I have bad aim, and need more practice! But in the midst of all the trying and trying to hit the target over and over again, we learn that certain things are just more important than hitting the target. Except for Cupid, the target is everything.

The Wednesday before Valentines my husband took a little trip to Produce Junction, a vegetable market, and bought me nine dozen flowers! I was gone at Dawnelles making meatballs, that was last weeks post if your keeping up. He then came home and proceeded to try and find a vase to put them all in...

he went from vase, to trash can, to gigantic vase, and pulled quite a bit apart trying to get the right container. Finally, after finding one they all would fit in... he packed every stem into a vase, did it all himself. It looked nice...packed in...but nice.

Your seeing two bunches and one almost dead because that is how long it took me to realize what was going on. So two days after Valentines I split them into two bunches.

The truth...I was a little amused...I was not over joyed, or overwhelmed, I was just amused. In fact it took me the day after valentines to open the card. I know your going to feel sorry for him now... and think what a ______ ity _______ I am! Girls, trust me a bunch of flowers does not always fix things... right?! Not even a box of chocolates thrown in there will fix it! Sometimes, that only makes things worse! But somehow, this gesture got my attention, and the attention of my children, at least the ones that still live at home. My 16 year old daughter was more than happy to help daddy with his romantic shortcomings.

Then he took Vallentines day off to take care of some 'honey do items'. After which we went for sushi and shopping and a late steak dinner. Sound nice? It was fun, it was all day, we wandered from morning till late night doing whatever we wanted. And he wanted what I wanted...

 There he is with my youngest son, who just celebrated his eighth birthday just a few days before Valentines.

And here is what I read the day after Valentines...

Yup, I know...what a guy...


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Words in Love Language

I am so dang fascinated by words today and how people use words in decor. So... today I want to give you an impulsive sample of some words and phrases that have recently crossed my path and tickled my funny bone. Weird, I know! and trust me this is just ssssccccrrrraping the top. I'm at Dawnelle's right now and we are fixin to make meatballs...which is not on my healthy eat list, but we thawed the meat for another gathering that bombed. Betcha your more interested in the meatballs now...? Too bad! These graphics were made on my Iphone! I know!? Crazy, Right? The app is called 'Phonto', maybe $1.99, seriously get it! So much fun to use!

The 'Valley Girl' approach to I LOVE YOU!

This is what a man says about a woman when she is 'CRAZY BEAUTIFUL' to him!

Need we say more...

This is what every couple should do EVERYDAY! Yeah, try it... one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand...get my point? I learned this from John Lund a marriage counselor along with the 20 second hug and some other gems but this one stuck. I wonder why...

Imagine sealing all your letters, posts, and text messages with this one, or for that point your phone calls!

An old 70's term coined by the band 'Chic', YOWSAH says... YES, YES, YES, absolutely

Ok, have fun with this little Valentine printable download appendage!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Start Process End

It must have been close to midnight and there I was having a exciting collaborative conversation with my oldest daughter and son. The topic was art, projects, and feed back aka praise and criticism. Two days later I was sitting on a plane to Las Vegas thinking and wondering how to mentor these dear children and truly legitimate friends. After having 7 children and being married almost 27 years to the same man (which is a whole other story) here's what came to me...

Let me ask you a serious question... Do you think there can be an end without a beginning? Lets explore this a No, there really can not be an end without a beginning. The next thing that came to me was this...

By the way I created these on the plane to Vegas using my iPhone and 'phonto', cool right!  Notice the letters in the design above...process...there is nothing even or consistent about the lettering which is exactly the point! Process is something that happens. My little grand daughter Mikah is beginning the process of crawling. She went from rolling over to getting up on hands and knees and scooting, with everything in between, including strengthening her muscles for the soon acquired skill of walking.

Are you feeling doubtful or a little annoyed, or really not interested...? Is it a frequent thing that we think that 'process' does not apply to, or in, or about, us or our particular situation? There is something very interesting about this image of Mikah being held up by her family...She feels safe...what else? What do you read into her little face? Also look at my grandson in the foreground of this picture...what might he be learning from all this?

Without a beginning there can be no end...and ALL things involve a process. Great discoveries will be made! Finally...could you just do something for yourself?

Release your inner radness! Bring on the stronger than cool you! Begin, initiate, get going, start it, now! Process is the greatest way of deflating fear! Thankfully we live at a time where people love seeing the whole story from the beginning, through the process to the's relevant, liberating, exciting, and approachable!


Friday, February 1, 2013

Printable Instagram Valentines

Dawnelle and I have had a lot of fun making hearts for #homevesturesvalentines on instagram along with family and many of you, and 24 hearts have been featured! Wow! nothing like sharing and feeling the love! We ended up with 40 different hearts and you can go to @homevestures on instagram, #homevesturesvalentines to see the whole collection. And... as promised here is the printable ready for Valentines!

I loooove what Dawnelle did for our little 'polaroid' snapshots and that groovy little envelope from decor magazines. I'm feeling like she should make a boat load of those envelopes, bundle and sell them in her fantastic etsy shop..., you know for people like me...who would love to have them already cut out.

So... you have THAT goodness going on, and here I'm offering another fun idea for these little cuties! Right, garland! I know...just think you'll never have to leave the house. Just print these off, cut them out and attach to remnants of trim or strips or ripped fabric (that would be fun too). I used old post earrings to attach mine. Of course the possibilities are endless with making garlands, you could go vertical or horizontal. And you could sew the cards on, staple, use brads, what else... I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Whether you use these or create your own...let the charm and 'out of the box' approach to these homemade instagram Valentines not only be your little token of love but your personal 'lovestory' from home.


12 Valentines are here and the other 12 on Just Dawnelle