Monday, January 21, 2013

Furnace of Love

It really all started here...I mean the whole idea of 'furnace of love'. Last year it occurred to me that love is much like a wood burning furnace.  I know not too romantic huh. But here's the truth. If you don't feed it everyday the fire starts going out and the warmth that is produced leaves you running for a sweater. What's worse is that if it goes out or almost goes out it takes hours to get it burning again and lots of tending and effort.

Occasionally I do get stuck with loading this beast when my husband is traveling. Let me tell you it is far from glamorous. First off can you see the smoke in the air? Right, well that smoke permeates every fiber of clothing and EVERY hair on your body, along with a nice coating on any exposed skin and has you smelling in a twink. Not to mention you run a very high risk of losing your eyelashes and eyebrows in the process. Are we feeling the love...? Ahhh....NO! But a remarkable profound revelation came from a very ordinary basic and primitive chore...

I realized that love takes work, daily, and often times we get singed and burned. In order to keep it burning we have to keep going back to the task. Sometimes we might prefer a low grade fire and settle for an extra sweater instead of nice warmth that blows from a primed furnace. Interestingly this beast heats our whole house and water too. So everyone benefits from this raging fire...get the point?

This year I had an idea to start making random hearts and instagraming them just for the fun of it and honestly to see if I could start a little love 'heatwave' and have a fusion of ideas come together. My first heart started here at the 'furnace of love'!
'Your love is like a one burning desire Valentine!'
I added a filter on 'befunky'
Did my two boys have a great time making this Valentine!
'You dropped the bomb on me baby!'
'With every piece of my heart'
'Come on baby light my fire'
'I'm losing my marbles over you Valentine'
'I spy you Valentine'
This assortment was found in my two couches one day...I know embarrassing!
'We're on a roll Valentine'
'Your tearing up my heart when I'm with you...'
And this one was inspired on a morning when we were running out of this precious commodity.
'Your voice is music to my ears!'
'we definitely go together valentine'
So here's a fun way to keep the love and fire burning in your family by making your own original memory making Valentines. Or if you want you can visit here on Feb 1 and, she's my oldest daughter and has a super fun blog, and download 24 printable Valentines. We would love it if you would make a heart and hashtag #homevesturesvalentines to join us our friends and family on instagram @stechev or @homevestures or @dawnellesarlo and be a part of the fun!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cadilac Pin Cushions

I have to call them 'Cadilac Pin Cushions'...I mean look at them...can't you see yourself working on your little sewing project with this piece of work to put your pins in? Not only that, but it's like a little tabletop accent piece, curious and tactile. I like them. There are some areas that could be perfected. And I might get to it...but in the mean it is! Enjoy! Create! Beautify!

Pinned Image

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I used some vintage candlesticks, scraps of vintage fabric, trim and tacky glue. The tacky glue is a little harder to work with it takes more patience than hot glue but the end results are smoother. For the 'cushion' part I used old Styrofoam ornaments. I'd like to experiment with other sizes but that's what I had available. I like using stuff I have instead of making a trip to the store. Then I used that E6000 industrial strength glue in clear to cement the ball on.

So these little wonders would also be amazing for merchandising brooches! Right?!

Have a fantastic week!
I have a super fun valentine project on instagram @homevestures mostly projects and @stechev for family and fun! Please come check it out!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Believe in yourself

If we think about our lives and kinda look back just a wee little bit..., we might notice things happen. We think about things that help us, we might realize there is someone bigger than us that has our backs..., or not, and 'just take the money and run!'  Now we might be down right wicked and think there is no way that celestial guidance will come to me (those are my thoughts often). But then, the angelic side of me believes as long as we breathe the breath of life, there is always divine assistance waiting in the wings.
 ''You got to change your evil ways baby...''. If you think about it we can and have the ability to change from moment to moment. So one moment we can be engaged in rottenness and the next moment there we are... helping an old lady with her bags... or walking her home...

Pinned Image
Here is a metal can I made this week with a folded vintage Womans Home Journal Page and my stab at graffiti art! I used all kinds of befunky filters and have some expanded ideas I'll share later...

Sometimes my wickedness gets in the way of believing in my work, or what I'm doing, or myself. So this thought came to was like a whisper, soft, and gentle...I was working on a project that I have been thinking about for at least a year, and that is as far as it got, just thinking. So Saturday I began...and that is when the thought came to me. "Believe in your work...Believe in what you do...Believe in yourself...".

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Just a couple days earlier another thought came to me "what would I give up to accomplish my dream?'' I looked at these two early 1900's chairs in my room that me and my family have cherished... and thought, 'would I give those up?' Yes of course! Sometimes, because of our divine nature, we are able to see things as they really are, and as they will be. Is there risk? Yes! Is there fear? Yes! Is there uncertainty? Yes! Is there doubt? Yes! Does that mean 'forget it', throw in the towel', 'it's going to be too hard'...? I believe that when we believe in our work, and we believe in what we are doing, and we believe in ourselves, and move in that direction, we experience a feeling, enthusiasm! Passion!, excitement!, belief...

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Vintage paintings I'm using for a project.

 Pinned Image
Here is a Collection of Vintage brooches that are inspiring ideas...

Everything we do in this life involves it or not. That is the phenomenon...we choose how we will be in and around them. We choose our work, we choose what we do, and that always involves people...

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Part of my work is seeing these cute faces off to school.

 Pinned Image
and having lunch with my son in Philly. Happy Birthday Christian!

Whitney Houston sang it so beautifully in the animated film "The Prince of Egypt" just believe...

...for we have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay... Moroni 9:6

Believe in your work...Believe in what you do...Believe in yourself...


All photos in this post are originals and taken by me Vicki Stecher for homevestures.