Thursday, March 24, 2011

"In Circles Chandelier"

"Well I go round in circles...well I fly high like a bird up in the sky...".  Remember that song...?  Recycling is so much  like going round in circles.  Life is so much a circle.  This earth was created from matter, matter that already existed.  There is something divine and spectacular about reusing matter, which by the way is what trash is.  I wonder if in another world after ours we will find fossils of computer keyboards...? 

The thing about reusing things is if you have enough of it you might actually be able to make something.  For example the story of "The Three Little Pigs", did they not have to have enough straw, sticks, and bricks.  I know brick definitely seems more valuable than straw, especially as the story goes.  But let's not lose our focus, the point to this whole thing is that they really had to have A LOT of straw, sticks, and brick to get something built.  And in the end it was a home that they built.

Remember this is not about the house standing up, it's about needing a lot of something to build something substantial.  Some might think, "I'm not going to pack and store, and gather, and sort all that stuff."  I understand, we are talking about a certain "class" of people...a certain class that like this kind of stuff.  It's OK..., we can't all like the same thing...., that's what makes the world go round, right?  So this is really for die hard re-users. When you discover an artistic way to gather and sort your matter while your collecting you'll get this little adrenaline rush, promise.  Start saving and get your piles going.

The gift cards in this chandelier were originally used in a game I taught for a class of seminary students.  There were probably more than 100 cards and only a few actually had money on them.  I begged for them every time I went into Wal-mart and Target.  The soda tabs were collected at a gym that I own.  You can purchase the the frame that houses a light through Present Time.  Dawnelle and I collaborated on the design.  Question, now what do we do with it?  Where would YOU hang it?  I'll brace myself now.


  1. Interesting. Like the coke tabs-to much retail in the cards for me. It does remind me of one of my favorite mobiles at the BYU Art museum made of the dry cleaning hangers-LOVE it. So, how about hanging that one in a nice retail spot, closet? botique?

  2. Ooh! It looks so so good, Sister Stecher!!

  3. Strange as it sounds, I would totally hang this in the bathroom (given that I had a spacious enough bathroom). I think it would be so fun to look at while I was sittin there. haha!