Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Road Kill"

Ok! I'm about to share, no... let me say... GIVE AWAY!, one of my biggest $$$$$$$$ making ideas EVER!
 When we lived in Louisiana road kill was very different than here in New Jersey.  It was weird, dead  armadillos all over.

I'll never forget coming home from a vacation one day and finding a similar sight in the center of my front yard...I wondered... "how the heck did that get there"?  It's funny how armadillos decompose...everything goes but that hard shell.  So... I was left with this kind of bowl in my front yard.  That's right, no one got it...we just watched it day after day slowly disappear.  I remember the kids used to mow around it.

Oh please don't go!  The best is yet to come...!

Here in New Jersey it's "BANK"!
deer fox
raccoon rabbit

snake Ssssss

birds & fowl fowl

Unfortunately skunk, cats and dogs.  Sorry if I hit a sensitive cord with the last two.

Now if you commute to work you will probably notice new road kill each day or so.
So what if  "WE" (any takers, investors) set up a company that dealt directly with this lucrative business of dealing in furs and skins...we could start something very different and profitable.

The nice part about this is that you have all the animal protection agencies off your back.

And all of a sudden your a "HERO" because you picked up a huge deer in some one's front yard. 
Now deer skin is very valuable...the Indians used it for shoes, clothes, blankets, tents, etc... because it was so durable, soft, and waterproof. Here you can see this Indian used very "little" deer skin.

Strangely enough I have a couple of guys that will do the pick up... What's worse is your probably thinking how strange I am...but the truth is I've worked for some very high end fur and leather companies and was involved in custom work.  In fact I sized Sammy Davis Jr up for a pair of leather pants.  Also, I had years of experience selling "Gucci" handbags, luggage and ready to wear. It's amazing what a snake, leather bag can go for...


The way I see it working is we build a team of who wants to pick up, who wants to skin, dispose, truck, dispatch, design, market, build social networking and who wants to INVEST?

Then we tell our customers how they can earn a few extra buck just by driving to work.  Having the newest iphone 4S would be the best because the commuter dictates into the phone the animal and location. Then sends the message to us and we send a message back stating the pricing of the animal based on its condition and freshness.  Winter by the way is going to be better. We send out a pick up team, which will be divided by the area geographically day by day and they will pick up.  We then take it to our taxidermy's and begin collecting pelts.

Now... if we want to expand the business the further north we go the better fur we get.  Coyote, bear, moose, fox... Its such a nice way to clean up the environment and make "Bank"!

Here are a few interiors and apparel lines using fur, which by the way is so opulent....




fur used in interiors

I know some might think "ewe gross"!  But remember necessity it the mother of invention and why let a great opportunity "pass" you by!

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Keep on loving me...Vicki ;)

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