Monday, March 25, 2013

Rock the Pit!

Have you ever heard the saying... 'If life is a bowl of cherries, WHY do I always get the pits?!' Life has pits...and thorns. Getting to the pit means you have to go through the fruit and...the bed of roses always is co mingled with thorns. Yet, there seems to be a negative connotation to the pit. In fact the pit is always discarded, unless your a pit collector (like me) or a farmer or seed propagator. Do you know anyone who actually saves the pit or values them? Yup, your lookin at her... that's me..., the pit saver. Why, you ask, do I save pits? I don't know..., I just do.

There has always been this thought that someday I would need them... for something...hahaha. Strange, I know... Ooh, I am discerning your thoughts right now and your thinking...'You gotta be kidding me. Vicki you need to tighten the screws up there and you definitely need to get out more!' Ah, your probably right, I do need to get out more. Seriously though, wouldn't these pits make a great object lesson for teaching our children? You know one of those lessons about life... aren't there some great life applications associated with the pit? This could be the means of imparting some profound nuggets of wisdom?

In the Egyptian culture the beetle aka the scarab was considered lucky. Oh gosh, they carved it in furniture, wore them in gold and every kind of stone around their necks, painted them on walls and wove them into tapestries and fabric. Then carried and buried each other with this sought after motif. It had meaning and it was significant.

Here in New Jersey the beetle is just a nuisance and wrecks havoc on crops, especially my raspberries, and we find every way we can to get rid of these leaf eating, plant destroying buggers.

Ahhhh...but the pit is an entirely different thing. It houses a whole new generation of fruit, and that fruit holds pits that house yet another generation of fruit, and so on. What a powerful thing the pit is. Does it mean that we should save every one we get...? Maybe. If we liken our lives to a peach and enjoy the sweet juicy moments we will eventually find we end up with a  pit. Which, by the way, doesn't mean that our lives will not end with sweet juicy fruit. It just means part of having the peach is having the pit. I'm not going to lie, I would LOVE  a constant supply of sweet delicious goodness? What can be seriously hard is if someone else eats our fruit then leaves us with the pit! Not nice! How about skipping the 'eat the fruit' part and just put it in the ground to be planted? Um...NO!

Are you familiar with Tord Boontje? He made a necklace years ago from a collection of cherry pits that he got from his beloved aunt.

Cherry pit necklace $750-unique piece Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje Unveils Cherry-Pip Jewelry at 2012 London Design Festival

Am I trying to jump on Bootjes' band wagon of pits? No way! I've been saving pits for years and it warmed the cockles of my heart to find a pit loving kindred spirit like him and his aunt! He is respected for his 'pip' creations and gleans 200 euros for a necklace. Am I trying to amp up the trend...? No, not really, for me the pit became a reminder of 'what  I do when life gives me pits?'

Recently, I painted some gold... and paid homage to the pits and the potential they bring in my life. By the way this is not saying that I want a truck load of pits delivered to my house, nor am I saying that I love pits.

Every great life has tragedy , which brings a whole different kind of juice to the story. We pay attention and are drawn in more, everything becomes more relevant to us, there is a depth of meaning, understanding, light, and truth which seems to accentuate the sweet good parts. For all these reasons a glimmer came to me about my life, my pits, and my story.

Somehow it's better with some pits. We are not always interested in a story filled with all happy moments and smooth sailing the whole way through. What we really want is a knock down, drag out, heart wrenching, nail biting, hang on for dear life kind of story that ends with a happily ever after...or not.

'Rock the Pit' is to remind the wearer that part of life's unique goodness is the pits! And 'rocking the pit' means 'own it!' its yours. No need to be ashamed. Let it become part of the story, part of your story, part of your history. And yes, maybe we all need a collection of pits... painted gold, or strung, or planted, or just put in a baggie on the shelf in our craft closet. Nevertheless, life gives us all pits, and for me...remembering... that what lies deep within the pit, is where the precious, desirable, fruit is born.


.'Rock the Pit' is a one of a kind original and is available here.

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