Thursday, April 19, 2012

Passion Ignites!

How does one know when passion becomes the driving force in our lives and specifically when and what ignites it...?  I was having another throw back while looking at my more than amazing and talented architectural design sister Sherry E's blog post on wall stickers. Go see she will tutor you on all the do's and don't! Here are just a few of the images that she posted!  I KNOW!


red paint spiral wall mural by


So back to the original question...what ignites passion? For my sister and I and now my daughter Dawnelle and Sherry's daughter Kirstin we all have this passion for DESIGN!!! Gosh I loved seeing Kirstin's face the first time she came to my house...she was just a little could see her taking it all in through her eyes...what a happy memory for me.  I remember being EXTREMELY conscious of my surroundings because it was very different than what Kirstin grew up with 'clean lines' and on the cutting edge of the design world as she unconsciously became immersed in this fascinating industry at her mothers side. I knew this little one had a keen eye even at a young age.  But she just seemed to enjoy everything around her.

So about these wall sister and I came up with our own version of this... ohhh...when we were 7 or 8. I'll never forget it... we got these new bed spreads that had a bright American blue background with various sized hearts patterned all over it.  We decided to replicate the motif in these spreads out of red construction paper and proceeded to tape red hearts all over the walls in our room.  We were so proud of ourselves and it must have been there in that small room with a mother that said 'oh what the heck' that passion had least for me!

So today I'm smiling, and thinking as I look at my 7 and 9 year old and even my 15 year old what will ignite their passions and be their driving force all their lives. And hopefully I won't get in the way but say as my mom said 'oh what the heck'!

Sherry was a great inspiration to was when we went to Sherry's graduation that Dawnelle decided she was going into design. So this is dedicated to Sherry my beloved sister.

We love having you visit!

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