Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So for many of you who are on Pinterest you probably noticed my OBSESSION! Let me explain... First this artist from the South of Wales crochets these sea urchin creations.  What fascinated me the most is the colors and textures juxtaposition the sand and wood pilings. Then I had a major throw back when last night with my family everyone was talking about their oldest memory. Mine was before I was three walking on the beach in Hawaii with my mom and dad...remembering the sand under my feet and the water lapping up as the sea weed wrapped around my little ankles. Then my mind began to think of the summers in California...

This amazing artist used a kind of analogous color scheme (colors that are next to each other on the color wheel).

Here's what came of my obsession ...

Freeform Lace Graffiti-inspirationMY INSPIRATION                                                        

Sherwin Williams--Parakeet  This just may be the green I have been picturing in my head! {paint} sherwin williams, reflecting pool .
Sherwin Williams--Parakeet & Reflecting Pool

Like the windows and floor.Vintage Wedding Palates: Grey/Silver & Sage (this would be perfect with a touch of blue or lavendar)
;-) ;-)
beach house dream Free Gift -->  http://bit.ly/Hryhm3 Great idea for a beach home.
;-) ;-)

Mary Cassat. American impressionist painter. Superb!
Mary Cassat 'The Boating Party'

Everyone, I just got some amazing brand name purses,shoes,jewellery and a nice dress from here for CHEAP! If you buy, enter code:Pinterest to save http://www.superspringsales.com -   grey and green?? I have these windows Mint, Citron and Aqua
;-) ;-) ;-)

color popping off the windows/door Eames Sea Foam Green Arm Shells - 60's
;-)  ;-)

Small Solar Powered Beach House

Spots & Stripes beach house kitchen makeover beach house
Kitchen & Dinning Area                                     Living Room

 beach house 10 old Genuine AQUA Blue Beach Sea Glass SEAGLASS Turquoise surf tumbled
;-) ;-)

 Sea of surf boards .
;-) ;-)

WOW! Ive been using this new weight loss product sponsored by Pinterest! It worked for me and I didnt even change my diet! I lost like 26 pounds,Check out the image to see the website, Perfect for beach wedding! engagement photo idea since he proposed on the beach http://pinterest.net-pin.info/
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gorgeous aqua bike .
;-) ;-)

    surfing. davidgilles Hanging Loose over some coral reef #surfing
;-) ;-)

 Driftwood Sailboat Napkin Holder a glam beach house bathroom...just what i want
;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)
    Just the right touch of vintage, and aqua  .

Can you think of your oldest memory...?  It was once said...

Memory is the cabinet of imagination, the treasury of reason, the registry of conscience and the council-chamber of thought. Giambattista Basile ;-)

Vicki Stecher on Pinterest aloha aqua board to see lots more images.

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  1. THe Natural History Museum in DC had an AMAZING display of crochet coral reef. It's really worth a visit.