Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Need to be Creative

If your the creative type or not... you might get what I'm asking...Have you ever felt like a five year old who loves to color without crayolas or paper? This was me this morning...and when I thought about the people around me that could help me out, it didn't seem like there was anyone who'd be willing to share their crayons or paper. I think I would have been satisfied by just looking at and smelling a new box of crayons....thats how desperate I felt. So I decided to text my big (as in she's older than me and yes she is a big deal and extrememly talented) designer sister. In relative terms I told her that I have no crayons and no paper. So, like a champ she whips out her 96 box of crayolas with the built in sharpener...and boy was she willing to share.  I told her my delema, no start up capital, no clientel, and no location. She's like... wow, you do have a problem..., and here's the reality.  Do you want to help people make up their minds everyday about furniture that they love but don't want to spend the money on?  I'm like, No Way! I want to put together this amazing product line and just let everyone come fall in love without me having to work to sell them on it or the price.  I want to create these WOW spaces that enliven and inspire. Then I asked her if I was being realistic? Maybe, and maybe not...

She later texted me and said "I've got it! Write a book. And use your pinterest as inspiration."
I texted her back and told her I'd need a little more convincing...but I was feelin it.

In this virtual world we can dream BIG! But also remember there IS someone out there who is willing to share their crayons and paper and sharpener. God puts them there.

My next post is going to be an inside look at the meaning of 'Homevestures'.


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