Friday, February 1, 2013

Printable Instagram Valentines

Dawnelle and I have had a lot of fun making hearts for #homevesturesvalentines on instagram along with family and many of you, and 24 hearts have been featured! Wow! nothing like sharing and feeling the love! We ended up with 40 different hearts and you can go to @homevestures on instagram, #homevesturesvalentines to see the whole collection. And... as promised here is the printable ready for Valentines!

I loooove what Dawnelle did for our little 'polaroid' snapshots and that groovy little envelope from decor magazines. I'm feeling like she should make a boat load of those envelopes, bundle and sell them in her fantastic etsy shop..., you know for people like me...who would love to have them already cut out.

So... you have THAT goodness going on, and here I'm offering another fun idea for these little cuties! Right, garland! I know...just think you'll never have to leave the house. Just print these off, cut them out and attach to remnants of trim or strips or ripped fabric (that would be fun too). I used old post earrings to attach mine. Of course the possibilities are endless with making garlands, you could go vertical or horizontal. And you could sew the cards on, staple, use brads, what else... I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Whether you use these or create your own...let the charm and 'out of the box' approach to these homemade instagram Valentines not only be your little token of love but your personal 'lovestory' from home.


12 Valentines are here and the other 12 on Just Dawnelle