Monday, February 4, 2013

Start Process End

It must have been close to midnight and there I was having a exciting collaborative conversation with my oldest daughter and son. The topic was art, projects, and feed back aka praise and criticism. Two days later I was sitting on a plane to Las Vegas thinking and wondering how to mentor these dear children and truly legitimate friends. After having 7 children and being married almost 27 years to the same man (which is a whole other story) here's what came to me...

Let me ask you a serious question... Do you think there can be an end without a beginning? Lets explore this a No, there really can not be an end without a beginning. The next thing that came to me was this...

By the way I created these on the plane to Vegas using my iPhone and 'phonto', cool right!  Notice the letters in the design above...process...there is nothing even or consistent about the lettering which is exactly the point! Process is something that happens. My little grand daughter Mikah is beginning the process of crawling. She went from rolling over to getting up on hands and knees and scooting, with everything in between, including strengthening her muscles for the soon acquired skill of walking.

Are you feeling doubtful or a little annoyed, or really not interested...? Is it a frequent thing that we think that 'process' does not apply to, or in, or about, us or our particular situation? There is something very interesting about this image of Mikah being held up by her family...She feels safe...what else? What do you read into her little face? Also look at my grandson in the foreground of this picture...what might he be learning from all this?

Without a beginning there can be no end...and ALL things involve a process. Great discoveries will be made! Finally...could you just do something for yourself?

Release your inner radness! Bring on the stronger than cool you! Begin, initiate, get going, start it, now! Process is the greatest way of deflating fear! Thankfully we live at a time where people love seeing the whole story from the beginning, through the process to the's relevant, liberating, exciting, and approachable!


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