Thursday, March 7, 2013

hiStory you're part of it!

textmask Iphone app for the lettering

I used this image of Hyrum and Albert on Alberts birthday for the lettering in the above image. Iphone app textmask

Let's look at history as some kind of neat package you and I get to keep and we get to give away! There's layers and images, pages fresh and torn and worn that transcends generations of life filled flesh and death. It's all loaded up with smelly stuff like roses, lavender, musk, rust, dirty dust, junk and funk!

Faded valentine roses from Mark! Iphone apps picfx for filtering and phonto for lettering super fun must have!

Then there is stuff that makes us giggle and cry, the richest kind of drama, filled with danger and romance all in a complicated tangled plot with juicy explosions or maybe not. There's friendships, family, bugs and disinfectants, each packaged up in some silvery gold emerald like paper and twine, then "sealed with a kiss".

Shopping day for Amber and I last week! Picfx Iphone app of course!

Wafting from the pages is ink new and old with music jamming from the edges down deep into the folds.  There's good and bad, evil and angelic with yummy sensations of sweet and savory or spewing gagging rotteness. Truth echos out laced well with lies and deceit, here is where fashion is lacking or at its mountainous peak.  Animal companions are there if we choose, the fun fury kind including an assortment of prickly, smooth, rubbery, rough or hard, its all there for certain, what's there to lose?

Ben Franklin Bridge taken in the car March 2, 2013 out for the day with Mark, Hyrum and Albert for his birthday. picfx 

This history package is filled with lots of questions and answers along with mud and crystal clear waters. There's dampness and darkness sunshine snow and rain with up hill and downhill terrain. Blasts of colors array each page side by side with dull hype, eh, whoa, WOW, jeeze, come on, WAIT, please..., no..., yes, um..., hum..., huh, ah..., Oh!, and ugh.  You'll come across thrills and chills, sweat, hot sunburn, knock out and insomnia.

Then took all the pictures and layered them with an app called layover and phonto for branding there are some glitches in the design but this was my first stab at layering images on my iphone! cool right?!

In truth this is yours to have and yours to give, your part of it to someone and someone is part of it to you. There is no escaping it, hiding from it, challenging it, yelling about it, or denying it. The moment you were conceived all the way down and up to "now" it is being written and recorded. Where you ask? In your mind and in your body, in heaven and in notebooks, in the minds and bodies of everyone you come in contact with. You become they become part of your history.  It's that big and wonderful scary and great, freakish and delightful, but mostly its true!

HiStory it's yours and you are part of it!

Here I used a different image of me and Amber and fooled around a little more with the lettering. If you know of a great lettering app for the Iphone please pass it along here!

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  1. Okay I loved this. Really it was beautiful and made me think... What kind of history am I creating? And sharing? It's there no matter what we say so let's enjoy it right?