Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blowing Bubbles

I have a thing for bubbles... they are so magical and whimsical! I'll tell you a little secret actually... when I was younger I used to think that when you popped a bubble you released a fairy! So popping bubbles was one of the most important things a little girl could do... Still to this day I absolutely love them! So when my brothers were spending the day with me a while ago they kept coming to me complaining they were bored... how can two little boys be bored on a Saturday morning?! Needless to say, I decided we were going to test an idea I found, blowing bubbles with water bottles. The boys got all the empty water bottles out of my car, we cut the ends off, made some bubble mix with dish soap and water and went to town!

The boys had a blast! They were busy building bubble blowers and blowing bubbles for a few hours!! It was marvelous actually!


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