Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm currently obsessed with...

1..Bedoin Rug..We saw many Bedoin people while traveling along the Red Sea Peninsula in Egypt! They use beautiful colors and patterns in all their rugs and fabrics!
2..1938 Butterfly Chair..Oh how I love these chairs!

3..Snuggly Steps Slippers..Can I please where these in public??

4..Triangle Neck love the length and the color and the price!

5..Pallet Wood Walls..I think I need one in my house! We made a few for Stecher's and now I have got to find a place in my house for one!

6..Snowman Family Kit..Now I just can't wait for snow

7..Mid Century Designers Pencil Set.. Need I say more?!

8..Vivienne Maternity Bellyhood..The colors are wonderful! I just need the belly again! (I can't blieve I just said that...)

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