Monday, November 14, 2011

Oh how I love wood...

There is a local chainsaw wood carver just minutes from my house. I have driven by his workshop numerous numerous times and over the years he has expanded his horizons going from a few bears to a gigantic pirate and turtles. This fall however he moved into the realm of home decor. He had carved some pumpkins out of wood and spray painted them orange with a green stem. I was intrigued. So... we stopped one day to check them out.

Little did we know what we would find! Two wonderful pieces of maple wood. They actually are quite large... or rather... huge! Each piece is approximately 54" W x 84" L x 3" D. But they really are gorgeous!!

We took a special trip to pick them up, bringing my brother Christian and my dad to help move them.

My mom, being the wonderful networker she is, has a great carpenter to finish them when they are properly dried. This carpenter was also able to direct us to a local workshop with a kiln where we took the wood. The workshop manufactures cedar products like dog houses. It was quite interesting actually.

So in three or four months our wood will be dried and ready to be finished! Now what to make.......?

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  1. hahahahah love it. Oh the adventures of being a Stecher child :)