Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dream Big Too

Time to take action! No more thinking about all those dreams I have...I wanted to get a journal that I could dedicate specifically to my life dreams and my blueprints of how I saw myself accomplishing those dreams...So here is what I found at Barnes and Noble in the way of journals.

I wanted new, functional, and reasonable...

Honestly this beautiful marblized one just scared me. There was something that felt like concrete about this journal, and I need something that was going to be more forgiving.

These leather bound ones were going for $40 I just couldn't bring myself to spending that kind of money on a journal that could potentially end up like so many of my other journals which had become a conglomeration of study, inspiration, chronology of my life, lists of things 'to do', phone numbers addresses... so I went with this green one.

Besides, if I bought this one the publisher would give one to a child or someone who needs a journal.

I have to confess it took me a couple days to start writing something.  And when I did... I found that I was evaluating my life and if I had actually accomplished any dreams at all. I warn you this can be a very emotional exercise. It has some highs and lows. Highs because I realized I had accomplished many dreams that I wasn't really paying attention to.  And lows because there are still some dreams that I have been working on ALL MY LIFE that I still have not accomplished. Sometime we have dreams about our lives that we almost take for granted.  Like getting married.  Staying married.  Having children. Loving your children. Teaching your children. Welcoming grandchildren.  That all by itself can be THE DREAM. But somehow we can look at it as a course of nature. Like learning to ride a bike or learning to swim, it's just something we expect to happen and do.  But that is really not the case.  We have to want and dream every part and particular of our lives everyday. So Hoooray for dreaming today, and all that we are making happen imperceptibly.

So, yeah, here is my 'Green Rethink Book of Dreams'... and I'm pretty dang excited about it!  I'm really breaking this dream/blueprint/accomplishment/declaration down. I want to think of all the details...make sure that it is what I want it to be. And right now I have become aware at how varied my life dreams are. I like this adventure. I feel hopeful, and a little nervous, but also excited because the process of writing my dreams down with a detailed blueprint of accomplishment is helping me to see if it is a real dream or not and also helping me to recognize what really is my most important dreams for myself.

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