Thursday, May 31, 2012

High Bohemian

A revelation took place while exploring the whole bohemian movement.  There is still so much more to understand! What came to me is that everyone is a little bohemian! You know there is the French, the German, the Hawaiian, the English...I mean really everywhere you look all cultures are mixing fabrics, furniture, metals, textures in their own way (which is a sure give away for the bohemian style). Here we are going to look at what I'm calling 'High Bohemian'.

It's a clean pallet with well defined bohemian elements.

Remember Bohemian...

synonyms-Bohemian , avant-garde, boss*, contemporary,cool, cool*, deep, deep*, excellent, fabulous,fantastic, groovy, groovy*, hip*, hippie, mod,modern, modernistic, neat, nifty, offbeat, out inleft field, out of this world, rad, rad, radical,sensational, strange, super, swell, trendy,ultamodern, unconventional, unorthodox, veryunconventional, way-out, weird, wild, wonderful

Can you not think of anyone in your circle that is any or all of this...? Practically everyone I know has some sort of bohemian quality. It's this fabulous, sensational, out of this world quality that we all possess!

Interior by Tricia Guild

Bohemian aka 'Boho' has a nomadic gypsy quality, but here with 'High Bohemian' she is setting down roots so to speak and not the ones that she lives on or off of, but the roots she is grounding herself on with a foundation where she can bring all her fantastic agglomeration under one roof. All the while making her space a delightful fusion of travel, texture, daring, the exotic and comfort. More than not it is probable those who cross her threshold are likely to have an indelible impression that could linger for a lifetime.

From my studies Tricia Guild and Muriel Brandolini both embody and are masters of the 'High Bohemian'. They have managed to punctuate the 'boho' style while deconstructing it at the same time. A new style has truly emerged...and it's exciting, beautiful, intentional, and extremely individual.

"I do not have a set of rules for how to decorate. My designs are unconventional: they have been called eclectic, flamboyant, bohemian, and hippie chic. Freedom of mind is what activates my creativity, and thrive on being able to dream without boundaries. When I imagine a room, I do not limit myself to what some might call practical or even possible. My only thought is to make it beautiful".
~~ Muriel Brandolini

I realized of all women right now in the design world these two amazing ladies trump all.  Somehow there is an element about them both that inspire me to be fearless, creative, hopeful, daring, passionate... simultaneously loving, dreaming, and embracing beauty.



  1. Love it! I love the images and the quote at the end... Trisha Guild is one of my very favorites!

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  3. great set. bohemian interiors are so vibrant and full of life :)
    follow me and say hi ;)

    1. Hey Hilla, I appreciate you visiting my blog. I checked yours out too and your art work 'impressive'.