Thursday, March 17, 2011

broken watch...

Is it ok to wear a broken watch?

Yesterday I got a free watch in the mail from something that I ordered awhile ago. It was way cute, pink band, big silver face, and green hands. I was super psyched, it's not everyday that you get free goodies in the mail. Well I put it on [it matched my outfit pretty fantastically] and I went out with my family. Lo and behold I look down to check the time and the minute hand is goin' nuts. Every time I moved my hand it would swing in every which way! I looked down at my watch one minute and it would say 1:45pm, the next time I looked, (give or take 15mins later) it said like 1:15ish,  I am almost positive that time is not supposed to go backwards... yep, def broken.
In my opinion, it is perfectly okay to wear a broken watch. Honestly, I don't think anyone will notice. A word of advice, however, if you don't want to look like a complete idiot bring a back-up time telling device. If you don't- most likely when asked what time it is- you'll have to answer, "I have no idea!", because your watch DOESN'T ACTUALLY WORK! Get it? ahahaa... yeah. You may or may not be laughed at a little. (My money's on 'may') Or, it's possible they could think that you are a fashion genius.

Honestly wearing a broken watch these days is like wearing one of those beaded scarves that is about an inch wide. It does nothing but it sure looks pretty awesome. So go ahead! Rock that broken watch! And if anyone asks you where you got the guts to do such a thing, tell them Ali from Homevestures convinced ya'. 


  1. My opinion is wear it well, & wear it well. I love very large chunky jewelry. If I had a watch that no longer worked, but it was chunky or glitter, I would wear it. I think every thing we put on us has a purpose, that is, to make us look good, feel good. Who said a watch had to tell time and look good. Who need's fashionable celebrities with PhDs in style, to start a trend when we have ALI ........
    Thanks to these lovely ladies who will manage to maintain this Blog for all of us.

  2. Do you think you'd wear it if you were meeting the president, or if you were having a first date? Do you think it would say something about your personality? Would it make a difference if it were Channel, or Gucci, or Timex, or if it were very ornate? Is it like a broken grandfather clock that you put in your house and it stands there as something cool cause it's a grandfather clock?

    My opinion is if you like the watch that much to wear it broken why not fix it?