Thursday, March 31, 2011


...a renowned British street artist and someone I have become quite interested in lately.

No one knows who he really is or what he looks like but his artwork is very recognizable. Banksy, to me, has brought street art to a whole different level. His artwork has brought up a lot of questions in my mind regarding what is considered art. What he does is graffiti. It is usually seen on walls, buildings, billboards, and sidewalks that do not belong to him. However, there is something to me that really makes his work art. There is definitely some serious thought put into not only the artwork but the location. I think I like his work because it makes you think. Like any artist however, I don't alway agree with everything they believe nor do I like every piece they create.

What do you think?? Is it just glorified vandalism or art? or both?

on the Israeli West Bank barrier

sources (images and information): banksy, wikipedia

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