Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Leilani chandelier

The goddess of all the found objects chandeliers... Sweet Leilani... Heavenly Flower. She measures 78" x 39".  It was one of those things when I saw, I thought... I want to make that!.  And so I did.

Here's Leilani hanging in my basement right after I finished.  This project took 1 year of gathering, contemplating, and constructing.  It was completed this March 2011.

I used vintage crystal drops on the bottom.

Dawnelle, Ali and Amber all lent their scrutinizing eyes to make sure everything was balanced, correct and not over done.  What do you think...did I cross the line?  Okay...some might think she's a little overdone... it's not easy to reign in a goddess like this.

Leilani comes with a detailed list of the found objects that she embodies.  This is what makes her such a great museum piece.  You could spend alot of time searching for things like: a cupid, a eyelash curler, a sapphire ring, or a spiderman action figure.  All Sweet Leilani needs now is a good home.

Here's looking up through the bottom.

Do you see a pair of baby fingernail clippers...?  These were used on all 7 of my children.

Approximately 300 water bottles were cut and painted to make the flowers.

Most of the old jewelry and junk was donated by the women at the West Deptford Curves in South Jersey.
The frame was custom made and donated by Dutra Sheet metal in Vineland NJ.

The thing that makes Sweet Leilani so special is: it has several generations of  found objects in it.  One very special lady brought in a old pair of emerald green cuff links that her grandfather wore.

This brooch was worn by my 100% Hawaiian grandmother, Hanna Haumea Meyers.  Which means I'm a Little Hawaiian, and my children are too.

My vision is to have a philanthropist buy the chandelier and donate it to a childrens hospital or museum, and for us to donate the money to charity.  I see Sweet Leilani hanging over a clear acrylic table, with small binoculars attached to the table by long cables so you can look up and into the chandelier. Seated around the table are these amazing "ghost" chairs from .  What are your thoughts?  We'll be waiting for a buyer...please spread the word!


  1. That is TRUELY MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only wish I could see it in person so I will see if somebody in Houston possibly wants to display it.