Tuesday, March 22, 2011

gone with the wind

Being a fourteen year old, there aren't many old movies that grab my attention. Sunday afternoon my mom asked me if I wanted to watch Gone With The Wind. Of course, I wasn't to sure if I would enjoy it, or if I would even like it. I must admit, the beginning really did show the age of the movie, but as we got farther along I really did start to enjoy it. Granted this is not a movie you watch all the time. This movie takes a lot of effort to stay with, not to mention the fact that it is really, really long.

But like my mom said before I watched it, "This movie is one of the top ten movies you must see in your lifetime."

She was right, this movie is up there with: Pride And Prejudice, Emma, Jane Eyre, Sound Of Music, The Count Of Monte Cristo... (My mother's personal favorites.)

This movie can really grab your attention with Scarlett's Irish accent, eyebrow raises, ridiculous love life, or even her BIG dresses. But aside from the costumes and accents, the story is very good.

My older sister Hannah told me that this movie scarred her in a bad way when she watched it for the first time. Maybe because she was a lot younger than me when she did. Don't get me wrong, you could become an emotional wreck when you watch this movie. There are so many sad parts that you can't help but frown sometimes; but others you have no choice but to laugh. One thing I can guarantee if you watch this movie, you will not be able to go a long time without thinking about it. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet... Well, I guess the moral of this whole post is: Gone With The Wind is a great movie, so watch it when you have the time.


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  1. Well, said Amber! 'Tis a favorite of mine but the book!!!!!! The book is a whole 'nother level. It's South vs. YAnkee. It's grit and grace and it will turn you inside out!