Monday, March 28, 2011

stormy smile

Have you ever walked across a rainy parking lot in sandles, you finally get to safety and realize your feet have just picked up the worst case of refuge... then they slooowly dry... Are you feeling better now...?  Or are you feeling it's still there... just in dried form?

What about wearing stelletos in the snow?  It's kinda like taking the black diamond when you've never skied.  Really wearing stelletos on a bright sunnyday is a danger all of it's own, unless you have had lessons on how to wear and walk in them, and you've had "mucha" practice.

This past fall-winter season, the high-over-the-knee boots were so knock-out trendy. I got 2 pairs for Christmas, one in black, oh sooo sharp not hoochie, flat heel.  And the other grey, nice too, flat heels as well.  Do you think I'm gonna be wearing these out in the mud puddles of South Jersey, or walking through the rows at the outdoor Crumpton auction?  Not a chance! I wear these when I'm going out with Mark, when it's not raining, cause he always says he likes my boots when I wear them, and other things as well.

Rain boots have become part of my favorite footwear.  It's amazing how versitile they are.  First, they're so easy to put on, this could be your childs first shoes where they can feel successful about executing the command... "Go put your shoes on". 
I got my first pair of rain boots last year, leopard...yup! This year it's a pair of Henry Ferrera's "Annabelle Hunt".  Love them.  Why are these rubber beauties so special, and why is it that every lady, man, and child should own a pair?  Well... it's because they definitly keep the water out.  And they look like you know how to dress on a rainy, stormy, foggy, snowy day.  There is something comforting in knowing your prepared if the "what if" happens.   Hence the beloved rain boot saves the day, and not to mention the feet and the outfit as well.

I mostly wear them with leggings because I mostly wear leggings.  But,they are darling with jeans and shorts too.  For me a classic black is most versitile, but the patterns are irresistable if you can splurge on more than one pair.  Henry Ferrera's line is extensive and reasonable.

Now you can smile when you see a storm.
Click here and here to buy some of these adorable boots.


  1. Love this post! I would also like to think that I get some credit for the wonderful rain boot collection that we now have in our home since I was the first one to own them.... :)
    But side note on the stelletos in the snow... I would not recommend EVER wearing stelletos in Rexburg ID anytime between the months of October and May. Not that I follow that advise...

  2. target has some really great rain boots! like these ones, because i know how much your family loves peacock feathers: