Monday, May 2, 2011

my little boy's room part 1... finding inspiration

One of the first things that I learned in my design classes in school is always start with inspiration. There is no need to completely reinvent the wheel! Find some spaces, rooms, homes, images that reflect the type of space you want to create.

There are so many places you can go to find inspiration images! We have a world full of beautiful things. You don't even have to find an actual room. Your inspiration could be a flower, a rug, a picture you took on your last vacation, or a piece of artwork you absolutely love. You don't even really need to look at design books or magazines. I've found some fantastic inspiration images in nature and science books before.

These were a few of my inspiration images for my little boy's room, my latest project!

Final pictures will be posted soon! Cross my heart...


I'm sorry I don't have links to where these images came from... I've had them for quite awhile! They aren't mine though... Just my inspiration!


  1. Hey Dawnelle! I just saw the link on facebook. The 3rd picture is in my "inspiration" folder on my desktop! Great minds think alike!

  2. These interiors and the Kandinsky prints are fabulous! I can't wait to see photos of Christopher's room!