Tuesday, May 3, 2011

don't you just love free stuff??

Isn't he adorable?
I have become a big fan of baby slings recently... partly because I just recently had a baby and partly because well I think they're great! You can use them for babies up to typically about 35lbs, which is quite a lot compared to other baby carriers.

My sister got me a wonderful sling when I had my little boy and I have recently discovered that he absolutely LOVES it! It's adorable...

Then my sister in law shared this with me the other day and I thought I would pass it on to you!! There is a relatively new company out there called Seven Slings that has a promo code out there that will allow you to get a sling for only the shipping and handling. Check it out!

Promo Code: candie


  1. Okay so is your sling a sevensling? Do you like it? I thought about getting one a while back but most of the reviews online said they didn't like it because the fabric was really cheap and not sturdy. I'm always so tempted, but I already have a moby wrap and a maya wrap. Brian doesn't think I need anymore :)

  2. Hey! Sorry Megan... the one in the picture? No actually it isn't a sevensling... its the one Hannah got me. It came off Etsy from a shop called BabyEtte. I absolutely love it though because I can adjust it as Christopher moves around and grows. I like the sevensling one though as well. I didn't think the fabric was bad... it has just enough stretch to it. Do you like the Moby wrap and Maya wrap?