Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Christopher went to the doctors last week...

He has gone from a 7lb 13oz and 21.5" long skinny new born to a 15 and a half pound 24.5" long two and a half month old. In such a short time he has grown and learned so much.

He can eat, suck on his binki, hold up his head, swat at his toys, smile, and on Saturday he rolled over all by himself for the very first time! All in two months. He is learning new things and absorbing everything around him every day. The best part too is he is going to continue to do this for years!

It got me thinking though... do we learn new things still like little children and babies do? Do I learn something new every day? Am I still progressing the way small children do? Or have I become complacent and don't really try to continue learning? I do realize that my body is not growing anymore and I have learned all the basic things I need to survive in life, but there are so many things out there to still be discovered and to learn about. I should be working to expand my mind each day!



  1. Love this...keep em coming..lil niece Dawnelle ....