Monday, May 9, 2011

fabric... fabric... fabric

I absolutely LOVE fabric. I love the textures and the colors and the patterns and everything about it!! I recently read this quote out of a design book (that I would love my house to look like...) I bought at Ikea that I am using as my new motto in life regarding my deep passion for fabric.

"When are you going to have time to make something out of all that?? Never! You don't have to make something just because you like fabrics. They're beautiful just as they are. You can buy fabrics by the yard just because they look good. or have a unique patter. or a fun color combination. or remind you of your granddad. or make you happy. In fact, you can buy fabric by the yard however you want, whenever you want, with no plans whatsoever to make anything out of it at all."
-Beloved Homes! Ikea Family

The funny part though is I have recently been looking at fabric online thinking... "I wish I had a reason to buy that, something to make out of it." Now though I don't! I think I might buy some just BECAUSE!

Here's some of my favorites lately...

Etsy-pallavik, Ikea 
Ikea, Purl Soho-Robert Kaufman

Purl Soho-Kokka Fabrics, Ikea

Anyone know of some other great places to buy amazing fabric online??


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  1. My mom had a closet full of fabrics when I was young. she is a supurb seamstress and though she's getten rid of a lot of the fabrics over the last 30yrs, they have always been treasures to go through. I remember being 5 or 6 and climbing the custom made shelving that held them to reach one that caught my eye. They are also dust collectors that are difficult to move and store which is why they ddidn't all survive to my adulthood:)