Thursday, April 28, 2011

Memorable Meal

Me- Hold up....!WHAT are we looking at here?!  Is that SPINACH in the blender?  Wait..... a minute, if you think I'm going to have anything to do with that, I'm telling you NO, right now!, Uh uh... No, not having that...uh uh.                                                                           

 Logical Me- Well what if we put a frozen banana in there...?

Me- Is that going to make it BETTER! 

Logical Me- Ok, I know..., we'll add fresh blueberries from the garden? 

Me- Are you KIDDING?! 

Logical Me- We KNOW you like ice cold'll drink that right? 

SASSY Me- Oh... okay, I'm suppose to feel better about this because you put a few ice cubes in there, after all... that IS what you put in a smoothie...

This was the conversation that was going on in my head as I watched my amazing sister in law bring together what was the most memorable meal of my life.  Spinach smoothies and popcorn!  I think the thing that blew me away was how all of her children, a lot under 5, drank it right up no questions asked.  Then my brother in law popped pop corn in a pot the old fashion way with a little oil and served it up in a big bowl. 

Since then we have incorporated spinach smoothies into our families mid day pick me up.  And we hardly ever make microwave popcorn.

I feel like the never mentioned friend to 'Sam I Am' who is always trying to get Sam to eat green eggs and ham. What language can I possibly use to convince you how good this is. , sí, muy bueno! Oui, oui, très bonne! , sì, molto buono! Ja, ja veldig bra! Да, да, очень хорошо! はい、はい非常に良いThere! See that, I'd knew you'd undersand.

So many good things in life are like spinach smoothies...


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  1. I think I could try it if I knew there was a fruit in it too! :) Remember those cookies you brought us to the airport on our way to High Point? Is there any chance I could convince you to share that recipe?

  2. Here, here on the cookie recipe!