Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shred the Biebs

I just can't ever bring myself to buy that shredded paper you get prepacked in bags. I'm always asking myself, "how can I do this without spending the money?" (after all it's just shredded paper, why should we be paying for that?) So instead, I substitute old posters (right now I have my eye on a pile of Justin Beiber posters from Ali and Ambers room, ouch!), flyers, tissue paper, or junk mail. There are so many ways to get shredded paper without buying it. Oh will need a shredder.... or someone who has one. There are different kinds, get the one that shreds long strips, not the kind that shreds like Taco Bell lettus. Okay, I wouldn't buy shredded paper but I would buy a there something wrong with that!?

Looky here! Aren't these just beautiful?! Sparkling clean mason jars with ALL this colorful shredded paper.

I recycled tissue paper from presents. Yes...I save that too!

My plan next is to fill each one with a toy or chocolate bunny and lots of Easter candy for a special early Easter dinner with the family tonight.

We are having rib eye steaks, fettuchini alfredo, salad, papaya con lime juice, and (SOJ) Special Occasion Juice, yum. The jars are mainly for Albert, Hyrum, Ali, Amber, and Jonathan (Jonathan likes stuff like this), and Christian (he's a hard core chocolate lover, ladies), oh, and I just found out that Zach's- Hannah's new boyfriend who came home with her for spring break to officially "meet the family...MWAH HA HA HA" (evil laugh impression for those of you with no imagination)- "love language" is gifts. I imagine it must be hard to keep that up as a student with little disposable income...

I put a branch in each jar with a white nest cut out of cardstock as the name tag. With the "Easter Jars" it creates a more whimsical setting than the one in the "Lacey ROCKS" post. It's going to be a fun night. Candles for the adults... candy for the little ones...steak for the everyone!

Since we covered the table in white butcher block, Amber suggested we put crayons out to keep everyone (Hyrum, my youngest) busy till the sizziling steaks make they're way to our table.

Bona Petite!


music playing while posting- Sade 'Soldier of Love' album-nice,nice...


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