Monday, April 4, 2011

sculptural lagniappe bags

Interesting how design affects us without us even knowing it. 

After making the 'sculptural lagniappe (lan-yap) bags' I realized they had the feel of sculptures and interiors I had seen here and here.

Your guests sit down at the table...they're happy because they know they are going to get a faaaannnnntastic meal, but before the real food begins you encourage their appetite with this lagniappe bag of healthy snacks.  They sit and see the bag, and say... "what's this?...", "oh?...", "OK! I get it?...", "humm?...I ....??".  That's the thing... this bag is not meant to be 'cute'.  It's meant to say "looky here", "I'm not your average goodie bag".  

For me this bag is sayin 'I'm thinkin outside of the box...or bag...', sorry, my husband makes jokes like that, I'll just leave it at THAT.  Also, you don't have to fill this all the way up with snacks, a third will do.  Therefore the rest of the bag becomes your creation.  I know... your putting yourself out there with this one.  

I read somewhere that GOOD design evokes feelings.  But that doesn't mean that designers should take advantage of peoples visual ability by shocking them.   That's just wrong.  My opinion is that good design stimulates GOOD discussion, it inspires and grows new creations, at least new creations for us.  And somehow we can discover or rediscover, but as long as we discover it is new and original to us. 

We can never say that our designs are truly original though, because everything is inspired from creation.  And what I mean by that, is... Heavenly Father's creations: nature, us, the universe.  He is the master, and we are all his apprentices.  Agree... 

Approximately 5 minutes or less to make. 
Start by cutting narrow strips from one side of your bag to the other.  Stop just a little ways of cutting it off completely.  Otherwise... if you cut all the way across... all that you have accomplished is making your bag shorter.  Which is fine... if you want a shorter bag...but..., if your goal is the 'sculptural lagnaippe bag' STOP! before you get to the edge.  Now repeat 2/3's of the way down your bag.

Now you'll have 1/3 of your bag left without the cuts, fold that part up and cut slits or circles or use a hole punch. 

Open your bag carefully.  Bend and 'sculpt' the strips, then weave a stick, or stir, into the back.  I used a stick and hot glued popcorn on the branch.  'Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree'!

I filled the bag with healthy snacks, no fat, no sugar, no salt, low calorie.  Air popped pop corn, freeze dried rasberries, blueberries, and rasins. Yum! Really.

Lagniappe: (lan-yap) dividend, something extra, 1849, from New Orleans creole,
an unexpected or indirect benefit, a small gift




  1. My little family would love this. Just watching you and reading about this makes me remember Eli being young and in awe of the things you did.

  2. I think these are snacktastic. I have been trying to think of a fun table piece for my birthday party. Maybe I could do something similar this.

  3. I just love this blog!! Seriously makes me smile. I love thinking back to all the time I spent in your wonderfully creative home!! Thanks for all the memories! You have such a beautiful family!! Feel free to come and follow my blog too!!