Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Municipal Line Clearance CrewPiles of things, especially piles of mulch, dirt, wood, and rocks, always get my attention.  Uniformed piles side by side seem so industrious and resourceful. I always imagine big trucks loading the stuff up and unloading it.  Then I think how can I get one of these big trucks to deliver some piles to me. 

Asplundh Tree Expert Co. is a company with the bright orange trucks that trim the trees around the electrical wires.  They will deliver truck loads of freshly chipped mulch for FREE if your house is close to where they are working.  Here's how you do pull your car over around where they are working.  You get out of you car, and walk over to them.  The men all stop and look at you, you visually identify the man in charge.  Most likely he's not the one up in the trees.  Then you YELL at him asking him if he will deliver a truck load to your house.  He YELLS back at you asking where you live and telling you when he'll be there.  Then you go home and decide where to have them dump it.  They come, they dump, that's it. 

 Find out more about Asplundh here.


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