Friday, April 8, 2011

rug boards

Somehow I had to get a piece of the Flor carpet tile action.  How?  The tiles are a bit pricey and I wasn't sure that I wanted the grid like pattern all over my floor.  However, I do think these people are genius!  Ah...the spaces they create draw you in.  I just love looking at their catalog for inspiration. 

I was in the process of remodeling a space when I found out that I could order one of every kind of tile they have in 6.5"x6.5" sample size.  I thought oooh...these are SO cool, I've got to do something with them. This is how the rug boards came to be... 

The thing I love about these boards is that they can get as big or small as you like.  You could do monochromatic colors, gray scale, or whole remnant boards.  Love it!  Carpet is not very hard to just use a straight edge and a matt knife with a NEW blade.  Or if your cutting an oval like I did with the painted Ikea frame, I used heavy duty fabric sissors.

With the Flor tiles I used hot glue and glued the squares onto a piece of cardboard  I then secured it into my frame by using a electric (they are smooth and easy to use) staple gun and paint stirs to attach the tile board to the back of the frame.

I got SHORT screws and screwed them into the back about 1/3 of the way down.  Then attached wire to the screws so I could hang my boards.   My frame was custom made from  I like ordering WHITE or BLACK  frames from them they have a nice selection, reasonable, and it comes right to your door, you never have to leave the house.

So... I've been thinking how interesting it would be to put carpet on the walls.  What I mean is to make one wall an accent wall of carpet. Then hang a very interesting piece of art work and wire some spot lights on it.  This might go well in a theater room or a family/ game/ flex room, or even a hallway. 

Um...Um...Um...  Yes...I'd do it, yes I would.


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click here to view flor carpet tiles
and here for picture frames

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