Monday, April 11, 2011

OSD Obsessive Sorting Disorder

There is so much talk and publications about gettting organized.  We see these beautiful spreads of well organized closets, and covet these newly created living spaces.  And now there are these new professionals whose jobs are to make our lives better by helping us get organized.

Let's imagine we hire one of these professional organizers...we bringing them into our house... open a closet that houses all our craft junk and containers of beads like these and politely say "could you get this sorted out for me...?  Thank you!"  No one ever addresses this kind of "get organized".  I know some of you are just saying, "throw it away!".  But will your conscience let you do that...?  After all, we are living in the "green" age.  We CAN'T just throw things away...!  Right?

Is this...
  • Insanity vs OSD (Obsessive Sorting Disorder)
  • Testing your childrens fine motor skills vs THE ultimate punishment
  • or recreational activity vs the value of work?

Mom:  Who in their right mind would sort this!?

Amber:  You...

Mom:  No!...well, maybe...?
 (to Ali) Would you sort this...?

Ali:  Ive done that before...

Mom:  You did?!

Oops you missed some.
Shouldn't we sort the pink from the blue...?

And what about that orange one in there?  Oh...oh...I see a black one too.  Ooo and theres a green one.

Mom:  What would you call this Ali?

Ali:  uh...I don't know...the most tedious job on the face of the planet?

Mom:  Amber what would you call this?

Amber:  OSD Obsessive Sorting Disorder.

Mom:  I'm thinking we could do this for *FHE! 



*FHE is an acronym for Family Home Evening.  Every Monday night our family gets together and has singing, a lesson, talent, scripture, refreshments, and ACTIVITY!

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