Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Lacey ROCKS"

Originally I thought I could just dig some ordinary rocks out of my back yard...but they weren't unified enough in color or so pretty.  Some things become important to me and I'll never know why.  It was in my mind all along what the rocks needed to look like.  I wanted them to be smooth and roundish.  Luckily I found a nearby nursury...bless their hearts... they had EXACTLY what I had envisioned.  You pay by the pound, and it wasn't like buying apples, it was rocks for heavens sakes and I was watching as she weighed each one.  Thankfully I was the only one there besides the rock weigher to see me pack them into the tiny trunk of my miata.  I spent $30.  I kind of didn't want my husband to know cause he wouldn't understand.

I added these beautiful glass candle sticks.

I wanted to show you how the layering effect looks when we added the "sculptural laignappe bags" and the "elegant...easy...edible...eggs".
The textures work so well together.

I never tire of looking at mother natures gems. After incorporating "Lacey Rocks" into your table setting for Easter or any other occasion, you can then retire them into your fireplace or your gardens.  These rocks combined with candles create such a mood, actually anything combined with candles create such a mood!

Prep by washing and then air dry,  then use lace, dollies and white spray paint to get the effect. 

In my opinion ROCK always wins.


photos: homevestures.blogspot.com

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