Monday, April 18, 2011

Radical $50 Date

 Our modern vernacular does not include words like "radical" and "foxy".  Remember these?  I was talking to my girls the other day when we were doing something and I used "radical" in our conversation, Ali laughed.  I thought I knew why, I thought it was because she had never heard that kind of expression. But really it was that she was so shocked that I would say that.  For her the expression was so "old" and right up there with "gnarly". I think she was embarrassed for me even though jit was just us.  I was with Carina a yound friend of the families one day, and she used the word "foxy".  My jaw dropped...there's only one place she could have learned that...(her dad!).  Don't get me wrong proper language skills are a priority too...but it's always funny when our kids throw one of these old school slang words out.  It's kind of like hearing a one year old say "WOW".  Our good brother Tom was over last night and defined  "radical" as...anything that deviates from the norm in a significant way.  Spot on!

So... if you are looking for a out of the norm- in a significant way- "radical $50 date", start by visiting the Philadelphia's Magic Gardens on South Street across from Whole Foods.  Parking will cost $3 for two hours.  We were there for an hour and a half. Entrance is $5 per person.

detail interior wall

inside the basement

outside courtyard

detail exterior wall
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We had to feed the meter for another 2 hours.  You'll see a lot of INTERESTING shops on South Street in Philadelphia.  And you'll be tempted by all the cheese steak and pizza places.  But you MUST hold out for "La Fuente"!  They cook their pizza's in stone ovens.  You might be saying "yeah, yeah, yeah, I've had stone cooked pizza before...It's good".  "La Fuente" uses fresh tomatoes in their sauce and it comes out bubbling with imported cheeses and meats along with the "just right" thin crust.  Four out of four of us rated this the BEST pizza we have ever eaten.  Seriously, look at that fresh basil, this pizza is off the charts!

If your reading this from Norway, Idaho or any of our other beloved places, we KNOW you'll be in Philly one day, so we just had to give you this "radical $50 date" tip.


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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look! The logo is beautiful and the design is so sleek and simple! The pictures really pop now! Yes, we need to come to Philly soon, huh. Thomas graduates soon so we'll have to put that on the list of things to do afterwards! ;)

  2. hahaha i was in Philadelphia yesterday and went to this place called Pat and he was awesome, I ate pizza and cheese steaks .. was a pleasant experience.
    but the last time I went on a date with a girl in Philadelphia i spend about $ 300 in one day
    now I already know where to go on my next date with a girl