Tuesday, April 19, 2011

time to start saving my cans

I found this on a new website I am currently a little obsessed with... ReadyMade. They recently had a competition for do-it-yourself projects that reuse items. They have the top 100 posted on their website and there are some absolutely wonderful ideas! This one happens to be one of my favorite.

Shelves made out of cans! How brilliant! You can take the cans and cover them with wall paper or spray paint them.

Can Decor

I also saw a similar idea on countryliving.com. Instead of using cans though they recommend using cardboard tubes from the hardware store. You know, the tubes that are used to pour concrete forms? They come in larger sizes than cans and they can be covered in paint, wallpaper, AstroTurf, fabric, stencils (like the lacy rocks), or even vinyl!

Don't worry... we'll post some pictures when we've created one of these wonderful pieces of artwork!


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